Monday, 9 June 2014

Flawless Foundation

I have finally found a foundation that I am pretty content with. Finding the perfect foundation is never an easy task. You have find the perfect shade for your skin, decide on the type of coverage you want (light, medium or full) and the type of finish is provides (sheer, matte etc.) I have tried a fair few drugstore foundations and have never really found one that sits nicely on my face, as most products tend to cake or dry out my face. But here it is, my Holy Grail of foundations! Nars Sheer Glow is the newest addition to my collection and I can say that I am fairly impressed. I have read a lot of reviews about Sheer Glow and I did my research before I committed to buy it. 
I got the colour 'Mont Blanc', which was the perfect tone for my skin. It is basically a perfect match for my face, which gives it a natural finish. I always prefer a more natural finish that blends well on my face. The coverage is great, as it gives a sheer finish but is also buildable to provide a more full coverage. It definitely leaves my skin looking luminous and radiant, with an added bonus of evening out my skin tone and hiding any redness on my face. Even my boyfriend said that my face looked brighter!

I would definitely say that the Sheer Glow is suited more towards normal to dry skin types, as it does provide a radiant glow on the face. I am all about 'my skin but better' looks and this has really hit the mark for me. I would definitely recommend this, and I think it will be a firm staple in my makeup collection for a long time.

I apply my Nars Sheer Glow with a MAC 187 foundation brush.

What is your favourite foundation?

E x

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