Sunday, 10 August 2014

Polished Perfection

I love the freedom that you have when wearing nail polish. The colours are endless and there is always a new colour that you can pop on your nails. I often become quite lazy with upkeep, but I love having perfect nails with a pop of colour! It always makes me feel better about myself. So here are some of my top picks in my nail polish collection. I have the perfect top coat, a sweet baby pink, an essential nude, a necessary red and a splash of colour. 

Cutex // Clearly Speeding
Nails Inc // Elizabeth Street
Mimco // Nude
Mecca Cosmetica // Virgilia
Rimmel // How Do You Lilac It?

What are your favourite nail polishes?


  1. I use the Cutex one too and it's my favourite! I put it on top of every colour. The mimco colour is also so gorgeous! x

    The Sunday Chapter

    1. I know me too! Such a great buy. Thank you :) xx