Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Nail It!

I love changing my nail polish colour on a regular basis and experimenting with different colours. I think it gives a finished look and allows you to be creative. There are so many ways you can experiment with your nails, including nail art and different patterns of colour. 
Sometimes I prefer a bold colour, while at other times I opt for a nude/natural finish. There are always some guidelines I follow when doing my nail care routine.

It is essential to take off your old nail polish and start with a fresh base. I always try and take my nail polish off as soon as it starts to chip (which seems to happen so quickly), as chipped nail polish never looks great. 

Once there is a fresh base, I will trim my nails and file any rough edges. I prefer to keep my nails short, as they are very weak and often break. I like to keep the shape of my nails very natural by rounding off the edges. Remember to file in one direction, as it helps prevent the nail from splitting. 

I then apply a base coat. I have been using the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails nail hardener as a base coat. I find that my nails always break and this has been helping to build up the hardness in the nails. 

I then apply a colour once the base has dried. This week I used an orange shade from the brand Hema, which I bought when I was holidaying in Amsterdam. I normally apply 2 coats of the colour, followed by a top coat. I have been using the Cutex Quick N Go top coat, which dries very quickly. It also gives a lovely shine to the nail.

One of my favourite things to do is paint my nails while watching tv. I love to sit back, relax and watch a show while I paint my nails. This also gives me enough time to sit still and let my nails dry! I was watching Revenge while I painted my nails this week! 

Do you do the same thing when painting your nails?

E x

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