Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Everyday Essentials

Here is a glimpse into some of my everyday essentials. I cannot live without these items on a daily basis and normally they live in my handbag.

MinkPink Sunglasses // After Party Snow Leopard - I cannot function without a pair of sunglasses! Normally in Sydney its fairly sunny and I am always wearing them driving, walking to uni or on the train. They are essential!

Mimco Wallet // Black Leather - This is my everyday wallet where I store most of my cards and money. It is about 3 years old now but the leather is still in such good condition and I love it. It was the first big present that my boyfriend bought me! How sweet. 

Mac Studio Fix Powder // Shade NC35 - I have always gone back to this powder throughout the years. It has a smooth finish and gives quite a full coverage. It is great for covering up any redness or spots throughout the day.

Michael Kors Watch // Nude Leather Runway Watch in Rose Gold - I recently bought this watch from my work and I am in love! I have been wearing it non-stop and love the leather band.

Bare Minerals // Mirror - I got this little compact mirror has a Christmas present and I love how easily it slips into my bag.

Swarovski Crystal Pen // Amethyst - I love the Swarovski pens and they come in so many beautiful colours. I have the Amethyst which is a lovely purple/lavender colour. This is always in my bag so I can write down essential bits and bobs! They are great for gifts too.

Perfume // Daisy by Marc Jacobs - This is my go-to perfume. It is light, fresh, fruity and delicious. The packaging is adorable too.

iPad // iPad Mini 16gb - I purchased the iPad Mini solely for the purpose of typing my uni notes, as it was so compact and easy to transport. Now I am in love. It is such a cute and perfect size for me! I cannot imagine having the full size iPad. I am on my iPad everyday, whether it be for uni, reading blogs and everything else!

What are your everyday essentials?

E x


  1. I love Daisy by Marc Jacobs! Great Post x

    Laura Kate | SugarMakeupDoll

  2. I really like the watch and the sunglasses! I need to get myself a watch with a brown leather straps! :) I hope you're having a great week!

    1. Thank you :) a leather watch is always a great piece to have in your collection!