Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Sweet Scents

We all love the smell of a burning candle and a spritz of perfume, so why not blog about my favourites! I love being at home and lighting a candle, with the aroma filling the whole house. It feels warm, inviting and homely especially when you find a scent that you love. 

I am always a fan of vanilla candles, with my favourite being by the brand Ecoya. They do a delicious Vanilla Bean fragrance, which warms the house with a a rich vanilla and slighty butterscotch smell. They are natural soy wax candles and burn for up to 55 hours!

Glasshouse also do a lovely range of fragrances, my favourite being the Montego Bay. This is also a sweet scent, which has tones of coconut and lime. Smells so good I could almost eat it (please don't eat your candles!)

I am yet to buy any of the Diptyque fragrances but I definitely have my eyes on them. I love the packaging and have heard a lot of good things about the scents! What are your favourite Diptyque candles?

Perfume is also a necessity and I feel that it completes me! Rarely do I step out of the house without spraying on one of my favourite fragrances. I think it is really important to have your own personal scent. It all depends on personal preference and what suits your skin, but go with a scent that you love and feel comfortable with. 

I have always liked quite light and sweet fragrances, like Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Miss Dior Cherie by Dior. One of my first perfumes that I wore was Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle and I think I have gone through 4 or 5 bottles over the years. It is richer than Daisy, but it also has a distinct floral scent. I find it is suitable for day or night, which makes it very versatile. 

I recently received Intimately Beckham, Victoria Beckham's perfume, and have been loving it as it has a mostly white floral scent. This fragrance is full of life and has a rich, luxurious feel about it. It is more of a sophisticated fragrance and I prefer to wear this at night. 

What are your favourite fragrances?

E x

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  1. I love Coco Chanel!