Sunday, 27 July 2014

Weekly Jewels

If there is one thing that I think completes an outfit, it is jewellery. I am jewellery obsessed and cannot take my eyes of sparkly, shiny things. I have worked in a jewellery shop for nearly 4 years while I have been studying and it has definitely contributed to my growing jewellery box.

Lately I have been interested in semi-precious and rough stones. I love amethyst, turquoise and rose quartz crystals and have been searching for one off items that are unique. There is nothing worse than buying something that is mass produced and seeing every second person wearing the same thing.

These are some of my jewellery items that I have been reaching for this week. You can definitely see that I have been loving the crystal theme.

Rose Quartz Necklace // Bought on holidays in Maastricht, Netherlands
Najo Ring // Sterling Silver and Chalcedony Ring
Toni May Bracelet // Assorted stones including amethyst, turquoise and aquamarine

What are your favourite jewellery items?

E x

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