Friday, 11 April 2014


I have been dying to purchase some new makeup brushes after watching way too many YouTube makeup tutorials (mostly Tanya Burr). I have a set of MAC brushes that a good friend bought me when she was holidaying in America. They were apparently a lot cheaper than here in Australia, but MAC brushes definitely do not come cheap. I am happy with the MAC brushes in my collection, but wanted to add a blush/bronzer/contouring brush and one for applying concealer. 

I have seen the Real Techniques brushes everywhere on the blogosphere and was very happy to learn that Priceline stock them! A lot of the brushes were sold out but I picked up the 'Blush Brush'. This brush is the perfect shape for contouring and defining my cheeks! 

My eyes were then drawn to the display of the Eco Tools brushes. I love the look of these brushes, with a sleek, bamboo handle. The brushes are 100% cruelty free and come with amazingly soft bristles. I picked up the concealer brush, which will help me blend my concealer under my eyes to hide those dark circles. It gives a really lovely, seamless finish. 

It was so hard not to buy more brushes, but I really don't need anymore with the MAC collection and these new purchases!

E x

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