Sunday, 19 October 2014

What's On My Phone

I thought I would give a little insight into my phone and the apps that I use. I own the iPhone 6, which I have had for about a month. One thing I must have on my phone is a background image that motivates me. I am going camping when I am on holidays in a few months and this picture keeps reminding me of all the adventures that are about to come.

I always need to have my apps organised into folders! I don't know if this is my OCD coming out but I think it looks so must neater and more organised!

My most used apps are mainly my social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I also love to go on Tumblr and of course keep up to date on blog posts using Bloglovin. 

For my picture editing, I use Whitagram, which helps to resize the images and create a white border. This is great to do before uploading to Instagram where it often cuts out part of the image. I also use Insta Shapes and VSCOcam to edit my pictures. I love playing around with photo editing apps and am always on the look out for some more! Let me know if you have any favourites.

I also use Evernote and Dropbox, mainly for my university work. I love how these apps are synced through all my devices and can be used anywhere, anytime! This makes life a lot easier when you are in a rush to catch the next train for class!

I recently downloaded the app Headspace, which is a meditation app. I have been feeling quite stressed at the moment, with university, finishing my degree and the worry of finding a job! It is also nice to try and find a moment in each day to sit quietly and try and forget about everything that is going on. So I am going to make a conscious effort to meditate and find my inner zen!

Do you know of any meditation apps that are useful?

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