Sunday, 6 April 2014

This Week: Beauty Buys & Yummy Food

I am addicted to buying new makeup products at the moment! I have been watching a lot of beauty tutorials on YouTube this week and it has inspired me to expand my makeup collection and try some new products!

The first buy that I made this week is the Revlon ColorBurst chubby sticks. I love these products and the colours in the range are amazing. I picked up two, and Priceline had 2 for the price of 1! The first colour I chose was 'Unapologetic' in the matte balm. I love this colour because it is so rich and vibrant. It has coral, pinky, peachy tones and the matte finish is very glamorous. The second colour I purchased was 'Demure' in the lacquer balm. This colour is very natural and suits the colour of my lips. It has slightly glossy finish but it is subtle. It also tastes like peppermint, which is really yummy and fresh!

This week I have been using the Bondi Sands everyday gradual tanning milk. I am not big on fake tans and if i do want to look tanned, i prefer to use a gradual tanning formula. I feel that it is subtle and more natural looking on my skin. I bought Bondi Sands after seeing a lot of recommendations on the internet and it seems to be working well. The smell is a lovely, coconut scent, not like some other fake tans on the market. I haven't noticed a huge change in my skin tone but it is gradually building up and that is what I am after!

I also bought the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. I needed a new concealer, as the one I am using is a shade too dark for my skin tone. I have used it only twice so far but I am loving the soft finish and cover up it provides. 

The next product I bought is the Neutrogena Naturals nourishing night cream. I needed a new night cream especially during this time of the year when the cold dries my face out. I love the Neutrogena Naturals range and have been using the cleanser. I was searching for a product that was natural and was full of vitamins, and I am very glad I found this! It was reasonably priced and I love the feel of it on my face. It is so nourishing and smells delicious. I look forward to putting this on my face every night!

On a different note, I stumbled across an amazing bookstore in Newtown on Saturday night. I love book shops and always want to buy everything in the store! Being a primary school teacher, I am naturally drawn to children's books and found one that I adore. It is a book called 'Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris' by Kate Knapp. When I was on prac at a school, we did a conference call with Kate Knapp and other schools. The students got the chance to ask Kate questions about her book and her amazing illustrations. Her drawings are captivating and I just had to buy this book!

I am on a burger mission! A couple of weeks ago I went to the burger restaurant called Chur Burger and this week I found a new one to go to! I went to Mary's at Newtown and was very impressed by their burgers. Despite waiting in line for a table for a little while (it was Saturday night) we had a great night! The restaurant had a great atmosphere, it looked like it used to be a church. There was dark lighting and the music was great! Very grungey, alternative feel about the place. I had the cheeseburger and Jordan had the Mary's burger. We also had some fried chicken which was so naughty but delicious. I would definitely recommend!


  1. I want this night cream.

    1. I am really happy with it. Feels lovely, you should try it!