Sunday, 23 March 2014

Weekend Joys

This weekend was actually an excellent weekend. Despite being a tough and mind numbing week, I was able to get out of that head space and enjoy myself. Sometimes in life, you have to appreciate the smallest things and not take everything for granted. Letting go of things is somewhat refreshing and I think I am beginning to learn how to do that. It is something I definitely need to work on in order to improve myself, but I think I finally understand it. 

The first would be the satisfying task of cleaning out my makeup and organising it! Some people might find this a mundane task but I absolutely love it. I bought some new makeup and decided I would reorganise my containers. I find having my makeup set out like this is a lot easier than storing it all in my makeup bag (which I used to do). 

Saturday was such a beautiful day it would have been a crime not to go on a picnic! The weather was amazing, the sun was shining and it made me feel very happy. I was excited to see Jordan and wanted to go do something different. So I packed a few goodies, like dip, crackers, strawberries and some homemade muffins into a bag and set out on a picnic. We went to Oatley park and sat down by the water. It was nice just to soak up some rays and spend some quality time together. And the food was delish. 

We had plans to go out for dinner on Saturday night, to a burger restaurant in Surry Hills. We have been meaning to go for a while and finally got the chance to go. The restaurant is called Chur Burger and I am definitely glad we went! The burgers were delicious and the atmosphere was excellent. I had a cheeseburger, Jordan had a pulled pork burger and we shared chilli flake chips. We also had milkshakes which was the perfect combination with our burgers. I had a Milo milkshake and Jordan had the salted caramel. So good.

Sunday I worked at the jewellery shop. Not a bad day, seeing as I bought a new Pandora ring to stack with my other rings. I purchased the ring on top of the other two and I think it compliments my stack nicely. I often like to buy small pieces, either just because I want it or just to reward myself. That is why we work isn't it!?

I am going to try and keep posting these parts of my life and sharing different moments on here. I hope I can keep this up and have something to look back on!

E x

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